Friday, 25 March 2011

Big Baby Boy

James is getting huge! He is just over 2.5 months old and is nearly grown out of his 6 month clothing...he's just so long! He is giving us 6, 7 and 8 hour sleep nights for which I am grateful! My maternity leave is over. I'm adjusting okay with having to go back to work - it's nice being able to leave James at home with dad rather than having to take him to a sitter. Still exhausted though.

We (me, Nathan and mum) had a good time shooting our commercial a few weeks back. It's nice to make some quick money when you need it most! I did another maternity catalogue the other day. Although this time, I wore a fake belly which was far worse than a real belly.

So I'm typing one-handed and I'll finish this post later when James is asleep.

james at 2 months. he is smiling and cooing consistently!

Stats at two months:
weight: 13 lbs

Mum getting her make-up on for the shoot

mum and me rehearsing with a stuffed animal. fun!

Lilac Clothing Fall/Winter 2011 Maternity shoot

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Week 7: Lots of poo, more smiles, and... we got the job!

James is 7 weeks old today. I still can't believe how lucky I am to be his mum. He is such a gorgeous baby! This week, James has pooed and peed MANY times outside of his nappy. Hmmm. He peed on his face yesterday and had a little "taste" (i.e. licked his lips when he felt the pee sprinkling his face.) Oh, dear. I guess we still haven't figured out that certain grunts mean "I'm about to poo and pee all over you." :)

James has been smiling more and more! He continues to be sweet and happy. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we (me, Nathan, Nana Jocelyn and James) auditioned for a commercial a few weeks ago. Well, we heard yesterday that we all, with the exception of James, booked the job! They wanted a brand new baby and James is just too big and tall to look like a newborn. :( So, I'll be working with someone else's 10 day old baby instead of my adorable 7 week old baby. Nevertheless, it's still exciting to be working with my mum and husband on a commercial.

This is James being cute. :)

James having had his face and body cleaned of pee; a very tired mum.

James with his great grandmother Lula Anderson.

Working on smiling. :)