Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Weeks 1 & 2 with the most gorgeous boy on the planet

Well, we have survived 2 weeks with James! He is absolutely delightful and SO lovely. James is a good sleeper but his parents are light sleepers - this makes his grunts, snorts, whimpers, sighs, loud dreams, constant hiccups (a souvenir he brought along from the womb), toots, and poops difficult to ignore. Therefore, we take turns with night duty. Well, Nathan is mostly the one sacrificing his precious sleep. He lets me go into another room for the night whilst he attempts to “sleep”, only waking me for feedings, or for an emergency projectile poo clean-up operation. Actually, upon reflection, I think I’ve only awoken him for emergency projectile poo clean-up operations.

James had his first outing to visit the family doctor for his week 1 check-up. The boy is doing great! He had lost some weight in the hospital (to be expected until mum’s milk came in) but has been gaining it back. :)

Stats at birth:

weight: 9 lb. 2 oz. (89%)
length: 21.5” (97%)

Stats at week 1:

weight: 8 lb. 8 oz. (68%)
length: 21.25” (85%)
head: 14.9” (78%)

James is the greatest blessing in our lives. We adore and love him deeply. We stare at him constantly marveling at his perfection. What a treasure he is and as all new parents do, we resolve to provide the best mortal life we can for him.

His eye colour seems to be remaining blue, even when wearing brown. There are moments when James looks like me, but his features are very much Nathan at the moment. I expect we’ll be seeing a nicer mix as James grows. :) James has been a great eater since day 1, which has been brilliant. My milk arrived on the Thursday morning the week of his birth. I’m grateful that I seem to be able to provide enough milk to satisfy him. Yay! Oh, his umbilical cord came off after only 8 days. Now, we take regular baths instead of those awful sponge baths (he didn't like those).

James, my boy, you are the best!

Here are some new pictures and video of the little man. :)

1 week! James and Mum

In this one, he looks like me in one of my baby pictures! Yay! I'm in there somewhere!

Beautiful, sleeping babe.

First bath in his new tub!

Short video of James being swaddled by his dad. I LOVE his huge pacifier and sucking sounds.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Our New Arrival

James Barrie Taylor Stevens was born on 11/01/11 weighing 9lbs 2oz and was 21.5 inches long. With Britney's final check-up on Tuesday it was deemed necessary to take James early as he was not looking happy in there. This was instead of waiting until the scheduled date of Thursday 13th. Being a Halloween enthusiast Britney was hoping for a baby delivered on the 13th but still thinks a birth date of 11/01/11 as quite cool (01/11/11 for those in The US reading this). Mother and baby are well. Both came home on Friday evening and are sleeping as I write this update. James is, as you can see, utterly gorgeous and kept his Mummy up with him from 11pm - 3am and his Daddy up with him from 3am - 8am on his first night home. Despite the usual discomfort associated with a new baby's gut James is quite a content baby. We feel tremendously blessed that he and Britney coped well with the caesarian.

See new pictures above =)

Ps. I think it is wonderful being a Daddy!