Saturday, 29 August 2009

There and Back Again, part I

We have experienced many things (!) since the end of May. We celebrated 3 years of marital bliss and 32 years of Nathan’s mortality.

This post will consist of our travels back to England ~

Arriving in the British Isles, we were soon off to Northern Ireland for 5 days. Finally ~ my feet touched ground on the most enchanting of lands! I could ALMOST feel the vibrations from the old faerie folk shooting through me like an ionospheric lightning storm *sigh*. I got hold of a map and was immediately drawn to the nearest set of stone circles. So, we drove to the Beaghmore (bay-more) stone circles and played around with the Ancients for about 4 hours. Eventually, we continued driving through the glorious countryside, then puttered north to Portstewart on the northern shore, and finishing the day at Dunluce castle. It was absolutely breathtaking. The following days were spent hiking in the Mourne Mountains and driving the lovely Antrim coast to Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge and Giant’s Causeway.

Our lovely hostess completely wore us out. Well done, Diane!

Each day our diet consisted of pub food, snickers, bread, cheese and tomatoes. Delicious! I was able to detect Nathan’s Irish ancestry, mostly in his eyes, as we met many Irish natives (not all, but quite a few).

We loved N. Ireland's old and gentle beauty and long to visit again someday.

The rest of our time in England was spent enjoying our old favourites ~ Canterbury, London (we finally shopped goth in Camden and visited the Tate Britain!!), Hythe Coast, the countryside, and many others. Oh, and I spent one solid week packing and shipping boxes of our “stuff” ~ (mostly clothes and dvds). Phew!

Stay tuned for more posts about our adventures in Utah! For now, here are a few images from Northern Ireland.

enjoying pub food, superb Irish drunks and lovely music

feeling a bit magical

nathan feeling a bit magical like us

we three gargoyles


Dunluce castle

enjoying a rare sunny day at Carrick-a-Rede

more Carrick-a-Rede (my favourite)

along the Antrim coast

Antrim coast

a beautiful eveing at Giant's Causeway

Giant's Causeway