Saturday, 21 June 2008

Magical Talisman Anyone?

My agency in London called me one evening in March and said, "Prediction Magazine wants you for their June cover." Suh-weet!! I was thrilled, not because I would be on the cover of a widely sold UK magazine, but because it was a MYSTICAL publication. How fitting. I have been on covers before but nothing to this magnitude.

Read the following that applies to me in a Zoolander-ish way: "I learnt a tremendous amount about cover-shoot body positioning. It may not appear in the photo but I had to pull several different angles in my head, neck, shoulder, chest, arms, hips, etc, to achieve a "confident" look. I had to maintain this for nearly 200 different shots."

It seemed fitting that I post this today, as it is the Summer Solstice. Bliss.

Friday, 20 June 2008


Nathan and I had the fantastic opportunity to visit Cayde, Brianna, and the twins in Germany this past April. We savored delectable dishes of bread, cheese, and raw meat. De~Lish! We also came to the realization that we would like to have children... in 10 years. Okay, not really that long, though it was a wake-up call to my broodiness as we were awakened each night by the twins. So little sleep.

The highlights were Hohenzollern Castle, Heidelberg, and the Marriott Hotel's PC lounge. The twins were a joy to be with (except at night) and we miss them dearly. Cayde and Brianna were very accommodating and provided me with Commissary goodies! --> gushers and Capn' Crunch. We look forward to seeing them in England!