Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Ski Utah

_NmsQZ9DPzQ/T-oVAAPNFqI/AAAAAAAAAa8/hWb6A6yPiRI/s1600/229880_10150899105392982_1162286936_n%255B1%255D.jpg" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left:1em; margin-right:1em"> Photoshoot for Ski Utah at the Bonneville Salt Flats. We shot sunset and sunrise... the first night we wrapped at 10:00 pm, I was in bed by 11:30 pm, then had to be up at 3:00 am for hair and make-up. It was brutal!

Monday, 18 June 2012


Much has happened since the last post! James update: 17 months, running, laughing, climbing, cuddling, advanced receptive language abilities (can point to 15 body parts, can match items, can follow directions with basic concepts!!), is working on his words (likes to use "vacuum, duck, kitty, car, truck, mama, daddy, baby, jesus, juice" and some other unintelligible words), he loves water and being naked, he loves playing outside (alot), he is able to navigate his way through YouTube and the iPad, he is very happy, shows a lot of restraint when asked, flops to the floor when he does not want to be compliant (we're very patient parents), I will be graduating on the 29th of June (hallelujah!) and we'll be off to England in July! We're excited to see the family. I've not seen them for 3 years and Nathan has not seen them in 2 years. They've never met James! We are hoping that James will travel well. I start a new job in the Fall as a speech-language pathologist therpiast/supervisor/coordinator. This is a promotion and has a significant amount of responsibility... ahhh!!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

James is cruising!

So much for my "more updates later". It's a busy time for James' parents! Anyway. James is 8.5 months old, large, very mobile, sturdy, handsome, sweet, and cruising (walking whilst holding on to something) along the couches and trying to stand on his own. Ahh!! He only started "officially" crawling 2 weeks ago. He is very busy and has advanced verbal skills (of course I would say this, right? ;) He enjoys the stars at night. Sometimes I rock him to sleep at night outside and he is calmed by the night sky... a boy after my own heart! James currently has two teeth (bottom front) and is working on more. He is a happy boy and loves peaches, peas, green beans, apples, rice mum-mums, non-pureed pears, sweat potatoes, squash, carrots, etc. He is generally not picky about his food which has been nice. He'll even eat/drink things when they're cold. :)

Meanwhile - work for me is busy and school is busy and modeling is busy. Of course. But, I'm grateful for the work to support my family and to have medical insurance. I am looking forward to finishing the Master's degree next June. So close!

We found a family that raises goats and we buy raw goatmilk from them to make homeade Kefir. This is useful for Nathan's gut!

I will be turning 30 this October. However, my 31st birthday is going to be the big celebration next year in New England (hopefully) and Disneyland... it's my Halloween birthday! A most sacred event. Looking forward to that!

Although I look like I've aged 20 years, life is good. :)

Friday, 12 August 2011

6 month stats...more to come later

I'm so behind! James is now 7 months but here are his 6 month stats and pictures:

6 month stats:
length: 28.5" (96th percentile)
weight: 18.1 lbs. (68th percentile)

more updates to come in the next few days!

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

4 months old!

So this post is a bit late, but James turned 4 months old on May 11th! He continues to delight and amaze us. We took him to his 4 month appointment and all is well!

4 month stats:
length: 26 1/4" (88%)
weight: 16 lbs (63%)

James has discovered his lips and is constantly making bilabial babbling sounds. He squeals in delight and is completely and utterly gorgeous! Life is crazy but we're managing to enjoy baby James during this stage in our lives. James is very alert and has many, many expressions that cross his face daily. We try to capture them as frequently as possible! Here are some of James favourites (and not so favourites):

nappy changing
sitting upright (with help from either myself or Nathan)
having his clothes changes (he loves this!)
my hair
his fists
sucking his finger and occasionally his thumb
splashing during bath time

not liking his binkie so much these days but will still take it once in a while
the teething process
being immobile
startling sounds

I have officially finished work until the autumn! Hooray! I am now gearing up for my crazy summer semester at Utah State. Last year during my crazy summer semester I was in my first trimester of pregnancy feeling very ill. I wonder if this summer will be better (not being ill) or worse (having an almost 5 month old)? Hmmm. I'll let you know. ;)

In sad news, my best friend moved back to Southern California a few weeks ago. :( I am still mourning. I can't even talk about it. Feel bad for me.

I had another best friend get married to a brilliant man. I am so thrilled for their new life together. They make me happy. :)

Jessica and Joel, May 6, 2011

James is my little Slytherin. He can usually be found smiling with his tongue out. He may even speak Parseltongue, we don't know yet. ;)

In VERY GREAT NEWS, my most excellent and brilliant mother graduated with her Doctorate in Educational Leadership! She is now officially Dr. Taylor. This is a tremendous accomplishment. She is a mother to seven children, a grandmother to 26 children, works full time as an Education Specialist for USOE (specializing in Autism and Communication Disorders), is a full-time professor in the University of Phoenix (UOP) special education department, and is also a lead faculty for UOP... all this whilst working on her Ed.D. Amazing.

Being announced.

Receiving her diploma. :)

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Week 12

Baby James is 12 weeks old today! He is very active, alert, and a bit fussy at night time. He fights his sleep. We're working on this! Although, once he does settle, he gives us 6 - 9 hours of sleep before waking to eat again. Thank you, son!

his nappy being changed (this is new!)
mum and dad face time
sleeping (when he's not fighting it!)
bath time
being massaged with Dr. Christopher's Bone & Tissue ointment
going on walks
his carseat
his mobile
quiet cousins

20 minutes before bedtime
20 minutes before naptime
loud cousins

James with dried milk next to his lip - I must not have wiped him very well the previous night after feeding him. Oops!

James smiles and coos constantly. We love having conversations together. :)

Not much else is going on here. Nathan's brother Simon and his wife Lisa are visiting us for a week. We're looking forward to seeing them on Saturday. I've not seen them for almost 2 years! We're sending them off to Arches and Canyonlands to get a flavor of Utah. :) James is getting blessed this Sunday - will post pictures. I'm nearly finished with this semester of school - thank goodness!