Friday, 24 December 2010

And the winner is...

In fact, there were five winners. =)

Here is the hastily cobbled together poem I submitted for a geeky online poetry competition. I know the punctuation leaves much to be desired and perhaps I'll fix that at some point but for now, here it is:


There once was a galaxy far, far away
Where sunsets were binary, Jawas would play

The story was epic and struck all the notes
Pulling on heartstrings and winning my vote

It told of a Jedi: young, noble and brave
Who fought with the rebels. Their chances were grave

We were captured as viewers by dazzling sights
And immersed in the cause and the allies great plight

We cared for the characters, thrilled at the plot
But then there were new films which set in the rot

The prequels destroyed all the intrigue and fun
George Lucas thought “Cash cow! Take money and run!”

Did he think “They won’t notice as long as I use
Lots of special effects to charm and amuse”?

We baulked at Jar-Jar and the painful screenplay
And even the actors all squirmed in dismay

Explaining the force was quite hard to take:
Replacing the mystery with science half-baked

At least Lucas left the first three films alone
Oh wait no he tinkered – now Solo will moan

“I once was quite edgy – ask Greedo he’ll state
I shot with my blaster and sealed his fate

Before he could blink, before he could twitch
My quick trigger finger had scratched on the itch

But Georgie, he just couldn’t leave it alone:
“Let’s make Han more “goody” – we’ll have him go prone

To dodge Greedo’s bullet…Yeah! Have him shoot first
Then Solo responds with an accurate burst”

“No, no!” We all cried, “You’ve ruined it G!”
We liked it already. Why can’t you see?

The great “No way!” moments like “Luke I’m you’re Dad”
Are ruined forever oh this is so sad!

Watched from the beginning we all then would see
What’s coming because it was Episode III

That told us Luke Skywalker’s Darth Vader’s son
And Leia’s Darth’s daughter. George, what have you done?

You took what was precious and heavenly sent
And turned it into a Star Wars Fan’s lament

Friday, 3 December 2010

october/november bliss

i'm a slacker when it comes to posting updates. so whilst i'm on a 10 minute break from class, i will post a brief update with some pictures. :)

my dear friend kristen bought me a ticket to the alice cooper/rob zombie concert in october for an early birthday present. it was divine! we were able to sit in the disabled section because i was pregnant - sweet! this allowed us to sit down the entire concert with the perfect view of the king of shock rock (alice) and the king of vulgarity (rob). it was a brilliant. i think james enjoyed it. ;)

mr. cooper

mr. zombie

the lovely kristen - thanks woman!

i celebrated my 29th birthday on the 26th of october. i asked for the ultimate gift from nathan to celebrate the last year of my 20's... the entire series of dr. quinn medicine woman. i know. it's just that i've had a crush on jane seymour since i was a teenager. i met her once *sigh*. nathan was a good husband and indulged this particular oddity. i plan to watch the entire series during maternity leave. suh-weet!

halloween was lovely and perfect. i must confess that this is the first time EVER that i've wanted it to be over... JAMES completely occupies my mind (and uterus) and i can think of nothing else. speaking of james ~ he is currently 5.5 pounds with 6 more weeks to go! i've now gained 37 lbs. and feel like a bloater. nathan rubs my back every night (literally every night - he's so lovely!) to help me relax. i wake up about every hour to "turn over".

this year was the "away" year for my siblings during thanksgiving. since nathan's family does not celebrate thanksgiving (though they should because it's awesome), our "away" year consisted of porking out with my parents, my brother and his family, and our dear friend kristen. we also saw harry potter on that day. :)

there are currently 4 women in my family that are pregnant (me, brianna, kathy, joni). my parents will have gained 6 grandchildren within one year (jane and treyson have arrived already!), bringing the number of grandchildren up to 26! they certainly have joy in there posterity.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Fright Night

I meant to post these pictures back in April. Our friend Tyson invited us to a night at Club Sanctuary ~ a night in which people wear their most extreme goth clothing and dance to industrial/goth/metal music. After much convincing, Nathan allowed us to apply make-up for the special occasion! We had a grand time.

Here we are reuniting with the lovely Krisanne and the lovely Brittany.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Friday, 10 September 2010

When people think of me, it seems they imagine either faeries or witches, as is evident a la facebook - (i was tagged as being this poppy faerie...

and this disturbing witch.

In other news, we are having a BOY!!! The child shall be called James. I am currently 22 weeks (give or take) with a due date ranging from January 4 - 16. I LOVE getting chunky and my inner thighs are almost touching! Not to mention that I now have proper "melons." ;) Pregnancy was rough the first trimester during my first semester of grad school, but physically, things are much more pleasant. :) Emotionally, however... hmmm.

Our nephew Sam visited from England for 5 weeks. Nathan, Sam and Reed (father) visited 6 National Parks - Yellowstone, Tetons, Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce and Zion. I'm completely envious! Although, I did tag along to Arches to do a bit of light hiking and eating of ridiculously expensive food. I highly recommend the Desert Lounge. Okay, I know I am completely lame for what I am about to admit here but... we packed the second complimentary loaf of bread from the Desert Lounge into my purse. (hehehe). We were planning to hike to Delicate Arch at midnight but didn't. The bread stayed in my purse for a few days. I have yet to clean out that purse.

If you haven't added "A Broom With A View: Music from the Halloween Carols" to your collection for this festive Autumnal season, you must. Otherwise I will haunt your soul. Go to or simply click on the link under my "wonderful websites" heading.

Nathan is doing a bit of work teaching art/music for elementary aged school children. He's also recovering from eating Carl's Jr. everynight with Sam.

More news to come... sometime!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Through A Scanner Darkly

We had our first baby scan... Machel said the baby's heartbeat looks brisk. :) Baby is due January 19th ~ a winter child. Nathan believes the child is a boy. I believe whatever Nathan believes because he is more righteous than me. ;)

Today I had one month's worth of grad school instruction crammed into 8 hours. Oh, boy. Sucks to be me, right? Because the summer's are condensed into 5 weeks, coursework and lectures are crammed into small amounts of time. So... have I learned anything yet? Nope. I feel like I don't know my own name anymore.

Nathan is looking forward to the England vs. USA game on Saturday for the world cup- go USA! Just kidding. Come on England! ;)

Monday, 31 May 2010

Baby News

To those of you who read our blog (sorry for the lack of updates)...

Nathan and I are expecting our first child this winter! We are elated, ecstatic, thrilled, intrigued, nervous, happy, etc. etc. etc.

Pregnancy should be fun as I embark on my M-F, 8-5, 1.5 hour commute one way Master's degree starting next week - ahh!

We'll be better about updating our blog. :)