Saturday, 9 May 2009

My Cat Substitute and Other News

I want a goat. As Nathan is extremely intolerant to cats, I believe a goat could satisfy my cat deficiency. I attended my twin nephews' second birthday party yesterday and met "Baby" - a lovable, bleating bundle of goaty goodness. She was absolutely adorable.

In other news, I finally completed my licensure program to certify as a Speech-Language Technician. I've already been delivering speech and language therapy to kids in five schools for the past few months. Now, I can do it for more money. :) I work with regular education students in addition to special education students.

Nathan will begin his first degree in Creative Writing this fall. He's somewhat anxious but eager to develop his promising writing talent.

We are now gearing up for our month long excursion back to the UK in June. We'll be taking a most anticipated holiday to N. Ireland whilst over there. :) Perhaps I can convince Nathan of the awesomeness that is Michael Flatley?! Which reminds me ~ I have now officially begun my journey back into the world of Irish dance. After having taken a few years off, my calves, hips and thighs are happy to receive the agonizing pounding of the leaps and hop-two-threes they once knew. *sigh*