Wednesday, 28 September 2011

James is cruising!

So much for my "more updates later". It's a busy time for James' parents! Anyway. James is 8.5 months old, large, very mobile, sturdy, handsome, sweet, and cruising (walking whilst holding on to something) along the couches and trying to stand on his own. Ahh!! He only started "officially" crawling 2 weeks ago. He is very busy and has advanced verbal skills (of course I would say this, right? ;) He enjoys the stars at night. Sometimes I rock him to sleep at night outside and he is calmed by the night sky... a boy after my own heart! James currently has two teeth (bottom front) and is working on more. He is a happy boy and loves peaches, peas, green beans, apples, rice mum-mums, non-pureed pears, sweat potatoes, squash, carrots, etc. He is generally not picky about his food which has been nice. He'll even eat/drink things when they're cold. :)

Meanwhile - work for me is busy and school is busy and modeling is busy. Of course. But, I'm grateful for the work to support my family and to have medical insurance. I am looking forward to finishing the Master's degree next June. So close!

We found a family that raises goats and we buy raw goatmilk from them to make homeade Kefir. This is useful for Nathan's gut!

I will be turning 30 this October. However, my 31st birthday is going to be the big celebration next year in New England (hopefully) and Disneyland... it's my Halloween birthday! A most sacred event. Looking forward to that!

Although I look like I've aged 20 years, life is good. :)

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The Hatch Batch said...

I loved reading your update! What a wonder women you are, a working mommmy and your master's degree just around the corner?! That's so awesome Britney! My hubby recently started on his master's and let's just say I hope these next few years go by fast because it is so busy!! Your little guy is a cutie...good luck now that he's on the move;)

Ps-Happy birthday on the 26th! Your party planning for 2012 sounds super fun!